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Andrew Alleman

Welcome to Our December Newsletter!

Communications service providers are turning to open source technologies to gain agility, flexibility and service innovation in their networks. As such, they are actively working with the vendor community in projects such as the Open Compute Project (OCP) and the open CORD project. The days of closed source or proprietary platforms are behind us.

At Radisys, we've fully embraced the open source movement for both software and hardware. We were excited to announce last month our contribution of the industry's first open source Evolved Packet Core (EPC) software for the Mobile-CORD (M-CORD) project. Our open source EPC is one of the critical components required to enable 5G architecture on the M-CORD platform. On the hardware front, we've contributed the CG-Openrack-19 specification to OCP, bringing an open rack environment into service provider networks.

The future is open. Keep reading for more information about Radisys' open source contributions or contact us to learn how we can work together in this open new world.

Andrew Alleman
Chief Technology Officer

Radisys Launches 
Industry's First Open Source Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for the Mobility CORD (M-CORD) Project

Radisys Launches Industry's First Open Source Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for the Mobility CORD (M-CORD) Project

The integration of open source mobile core applications like EPC will provide enhanced service flexibility and agility in enabling 5G service delivery on the M-CORD platform. Unlike closed source and proprietary mobile platforms, open source M-CORD architecture and applications will accelerate service innovation with improved economics, making mobility more cost-efficient, more software-programmable and more cloud-elastic. Read more to find out how mobile edge service processing and the Radisys open source EPC solution for M-CORD is allowing operators to leverage their core competencies to overcome their current limitations.

Radisys' CG-Open-Rack-19 Specification 
Accepted by Open Compute Project

Radisys' CG-Open-Rack-19 Specification Accepted by Open Compute Project

Radisys has recently partnered with service providers and equipment vendors to contribute a new specification for carrier-grade telecom data centers called the CG-OpenRack-19 specification and it has been formally accepted by the Open Compute Project. The specification incorporates the four requirements needed when merging the OCP base model with the telecom environment to accommodate the needs of existing Central Offices, including physical conditions, content/workload elements, management needs and networking/interconnect options. Read the full press release.

Video: Real Time Transcoding using Radisys MediaEngine™ TRF

Communications service providers are evolving their network architectures driven by the introduction of Voice over LTE, Voice over Wi-Fi, WebRTC and interactive video communication services. All of these disparate new services require HD audio and video transcoding to support service interoperability between legacy and next-generation devices and networks. Watch our new video to learn how the new Radisys MediaEngine™ Transcode Resource Function (TRF) decouples transcoding from legacy network elements, extending the life of legacy equipment and future-proofing the network architecture, while concurrently delivering up to 60% CapEx and OpEx savings.


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